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Can I tell you my worst nightmare?

So we think we live in the best and most civilized society.

But, in fact, if we dig deeply we can see lots of inequities.

And we have different celebrations to make us feel better about what ails us.

Women have been the underclass that’s caged by society and they (we) break down barriers, glass ceilings, barbed wire fences and anything that dares to keep us stuck.


We keep on stepping.

History does not lie. We are survivors. We rise, and we thrive!


And yet, every March, when we celebrate Women’s History Month, we are plagued, inundated, besieged with all the inequities that still exist in, not only these United States of America, but around the world.

It’s brought to our attention how many babies are being fucked by men old enough to be their grand fathers!

I’m calling it what it is, and I don’t care about culture in this instance.

The thought of an innocent little girl being defiled by her “husband” her father, her brother, her uncle, or anyone who does not recognize her body as sacred, pisses me off!

You too, should be pissed off! If you’re not..why not?

It’s only when we get mad enough that we can generate that anger into something worthwhile. Into a force that can rise up, raise hell and make a difference.

Right now I am using my fingers, and you will see the images of the letters on a page.

Stop and pretend it’s your baby that’s been defiled.

How does that make you feel? Stay with it and feel the anger rising up from your gut. If you are not angry at the image, you really need to check yourself.

The World Health Organization estimates there will be more than one hundred and forty million girls under the age of 15 who will be married between now and 2020.

The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network indicates that one in six women in America will be the victim of sexual assault. They further indicate that 15% of sexual assault and rape victims are under 12.

Human trafficking has a figure of over 27 million worldwide, and most of those are women and children. The only reason for this is the financial gains.

The unintended consequences of these abuse are drug abuse and addiction, psychological, mental and physical trauma, incarceration, low self esteem, self hatred, depression, attempted suicide and the ultimate – suicide.

This is simply a minuscule smudge about the improprieties and unjust treatment of women the world over.

I bring it to the fore so if even one person chooses to do their research and do something about it, our girls can grow up to be well adjusted women, make their mark in the world and make a difference.

My worst nightmare is that any of my three grand-daughters would be subjected to any abuse of this kind. I want to protect them, and I also want to protect every little girl. I want them to have their childhood, their innocence, and be free, and safe.

As we celebrate this month of Women’s history, let us make an effort to educate ourselves about these injustices, and get mad enough to do something about it.

I invite our upstanding men who are teaching their daughters and their sons, to also show their outrage in stamping out these abuses.

We are, after all, women, and men. We are outraged, and we want to give hope to our youngsters. We are phenomenal. Let’s prove our might by taking action.  Spread the word!

Here are some useful websites:

www.ChildrenoftheNight, 24-hour hotline, (800)-551-1300, 24 hour hotline (800-656-4673 (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) (World Health Organization) Domestic Violence, 24 hour hotline (800) 799 7233