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One of the things I do a few times every week is to spend time with a very delightful young man.

Owen is 6 years old, and he has the most beautiful and arresting smile. His nature is kind. He is boisterous, outspoken, inquisitive, jovial and very much a boy. I take much delight in being in his presence.

His parents leave for work at 6 a.m., and so it is my responsibility to awaken him – although he is always awake by the time I arrive at his house. I must also add that he is NEVER in a bad mood!!

I fix him breakfast and take him to school.

Our mornings invariably consist of coloring, playing with some of his wondrous and amazing toys, listening to music, dancing, reading – he and I, coloring, and always talking about whatever happens to be on our minds at the time.

This is a relationship that is very special to me, and I treasure it (the relationship) and he (the young man).

On this particular day on our trip to school, we were coming up with random letters, and I would create words, sometimes a complete sentence, based on the letters. One such letter was a P.

Not for Pauline. Not for Petulant. Not for Powerful. Not for Practice, but I chose Precious. He wanted to know what that meant. I replied, special, rare, beautiful, a jewel – like you. He beamed his special smile.

He might have forgotten the conversation by the time we arrived at his classroom. It was, after all, show and tell day, and he was pretty jazzed about sharing the poster of Tim Lincecum, the starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants.

Owen is a die-hard Giants fan, and they have just won the World Series.

When I got home, his smile was still with me, and I started thinking about what is precious to me. I consulted my trusty mini Oxford Dictionary, and this is their definition:
Of great value. Beloved. Affectedly refined. Valuable. Treasured. Prized. Priceless. Rare.

I relished the thought of having injected those thoughts, ideas in the mind of one so young, on a gray autumn day in Sacramento. He might forget the conversation, but it certainly stirred something in me. The look of joy and pure delight was worth savoring!

My mind wondered to something much bigger than this conversation, and it occurred to me that people everywhere must feel strongly that they are precious. That life itself is mostly precious.

In the unfoldment of our lives – our precious lives – we are so much more than our possessions. No matter how precious those possessions may be! We are more than our degrees. We are more than our zip codes. We are more than our bank accounts and our investments.
The busy-ness of our daily lives distracts us from what’s important.

Right now we are caught up in the energy of the upcoming elections. The candidates. The personalities. The issues. The lies. The truths. The half-truths. The innuendos. The blaming. The disrespect. We are so intent on pontificating and wishing to seem informed, important, relevant, that the precious parts of our selves can go unnoticed. Unacknowledged. The outer war seem to have taken the place of inner peace.

The complexities of our modern world demand much of us. And we, in turn, give much.

All things in our world hold some degree of relevance. Of importance.

How do we measure that relevance?

If today were your very last day on earth, would it matter who won the election?

Would it matter if YOU won or lost in whatever game you are involved in?

How would you categorize your PRECIOUS life?

Are you content in the choices you make?

In the words you use?

In the connections you make?

You are always at choice, and there is power behind your choices. The respect and reverence you bring to your daily activities can enhance the quality of your life, which is inherently precious! Reflect on your unique preciousness every day. And remember words can be magic.