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What are you willing to die for?

Perhaps the more important question is What are you willing to live for?

I realize that some of the most profound questions come out of a place of sadness, or perhaps stillness. The answers are another thing.

It is a gloomy day. This end of November in Northern California. My mood is equally gloomy. I could pretend I am happy, uplifted and in a positive mind frame, or I could simply feel what I’m feeling – sad. Yes, sad. Totally without apology I admit I am sad.

My choice is to get totally immersed in the sadness. It will not be forever. I have been gloomy before, and it did not last forever. Of that, I am 100% sure.

Some might say, as a life coach I “should” not allow this side of me to be visible. I say bah ham bug to that. Perhaps, we spend so much time in “shoulding” on ourselves and each other; pretending we are other than we are, that we never know when we are experiencing something real. As a thinking feeling, enlivened and evolved being, I have shifting moods and perspectives. I am basking in my humanity! And yes, my sadness.

So whilst basking in this mood of, I receive a call from Blood Source. As a life long blood donor, I’m often called for a “life-saving blood donation.” Those four words shifted my reality. I have never given any thought to who gets my blood. It’s a habit I’ve engaged in for a number of years without too much thought. I asked myself “why do you give blood?” The only answer I came up with is “because I can.”

That simple, self-less act can, and does make a difference to someone other than me.

For a moment I am not quite so gloomy. I was not thinking about me.

As my mind meanders from one thought to the next, I wonder what am I willing to notice in my world. Put another way, what do I stand for?

Coming from a gloomy space – whoa – that’s a kick-ass question! My answer, were I in a more uplifted mood might be different. Today, however, I stand for being real. I stand for being intimate with the discomfort of sadness. I stand for love, and respect for all beings. I stand for forgiveness. I stand for being present to NOW.

It is easy to distance ourselves from grief and pain. Mine or someone else’s. The more we run and try to hide, the more traction the pain gets. The pain becomes lodged in our bodies, our consciousness. It is better, I believe to be fully enveloped in pain, and as the time is right, release. Of course, if the consciousness is out to lunch, the pain will remain until some unsuspecting time when, like a rabid dog, it nips quite viciously at you.

This blog is not about instructions to be rid of pain.

It’s about acknowledging and being PRESENT!

If I step out on a limb, I’d say the whole world is in pain. We might not, on one level have any interest in saving the world, or being aware of the worlds’ pain. We might start by noticing our own feelings. Our own pain. And then we might wonder how other people are feeling. Maybe, just maybe, in the midst of our wondering, we might connect through thoughts. Through words. Through behavior. Through intuition..

We all need the companionship. The conversations. The caring, The open-hearted love to soothe our pain.

In the end, love is what we need for shift to happen.