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Reflection is a good thing. I remember cutting a one pound note in two, giving one piece to a lover, and keeping the other half for myself. It was a pact that we would meet at some time in
the future, and the two halves of the note would be joined together. To become whole. To be one. Perhaps somewhere in our
wild imaginings, we thought we would also be rejoined.

Well, I don’t even remember his name, and it’s been quite a number of years, and we haven’t rejoined. I am almost one hundred percent positive we will never meet again. If we did. There would be no way of recognizing each other.

I have changed in so very many ways. I suspect he has as well. Whatever his name is.

I mentioned reflection, because it is only in reflection that we get a true sense of the journey we’ve been on. Who we are, or where we’ve been. The trials, tribulations, joys, laughter, missteps, challenges and everything that’s made us wholly who we are right now.

Who I am in this moment is not the person I was yesterday, or even a week ago. I am in constant motion of becoming, and I am enjoying the journey.

Having clarity of mind, thought and purpose has not always been a given – for me. I mention clarity of mind, though I must admit the filing cabinet in my brain gets a little disorganized,
distorted, or maybe items are simply misfiled. What I mean is that being a woman of a certain age, I do not always have instant recall. I do not immediately remember things. I like to believe
that I keep the things that are of great importance close at hand, and the inconsequential things will disappear into the files marked “archives.”

Self delusion or self preservation? Whichever. It works for

One could not be a person of a certain age and not have experienced life’s disappointments. I like to think all the challenges and aches of the heart, the mind, the psyche, the body have been preparing me for NOW. Really, NOW is all that matters. In an instant, this moment will be history. I am pleased with my ability to be philosophical about the process and passage of time
for me. It gives me a sense of well being. A sense of accomplishment. A sense of fulfillment. A sense of worth. A sense of value. I had never consciously thought about any of this until THIS MOMENT.

These thoughts are fresh, ripe, right and spontaneous. What freedom!

Today, as a Life Coach, I realize all those experiences have made me more masterful at the craft. I have more empathy. I suspend judgments. I embrace and respect our similarities and our
differences. I listen more deeply. I guide more lovingly. I am appreciative of all that life has to offer. I give willingly, and I serve gracefully. My voice is my own. It is strong, purposeful and authentic.

I am me. Total. Whole and complete. I am grateful.