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As we celebrate another International Women’s Day, I came across the following program note I wrote in 1992 for a multi-ethnic visual and performance art show in Sacramento. I share it below:

“I never forget. But making that statement serves to remind, reaffirm and empower. When we, as members of this society, must have a special time allocated to acknowledge our existence, our contributions, our presence, it is a sad confirmation that WOMEN truly are not regarded as an equal part of our community.

I am grateful that Sojourner Truth, despite her illiteracy, was able to walk away from slavery. She had had enough! Rose Parks had had enough. She knew she belonged on the bus, not just the back of the bus; and she too, had the courage and the strength to say – no more!

The Women’s Movement have done a lot, but not nearly enough. There are women of color who are still struggling with very basic issues of mere survival. These issues are not adequately addressed by the “Movement.” in a way that will make the needed difference. We have to be prepared and willing to re-evaluate our priorities – we have to take back our power.

The challenges of the 21st century can be taken to our bosoms, and through our nurturing energies, we can find solutions.

If you and I, as sisters, (and I do mean sisters in the truest sense), have the courage to walk away from injustices…To support each other; to hear each other; to listen to each other; to open our hearts to the freedom that is ours. We too, can say NO MORE!!

When we are ready to say no more, we can provide a better world for our boys to become men, our men to grow to a golden age, our feminine strengths can collectively lead us all to a richer, more fulfilling life.

In putting this show together, I was comforted by the unconscious might of all the women with whom I have come in contact. The camaraderie and willingness to share, comes, I believe, from the similarities of each woman’s personal struggle. We really are more alike than we are different! That commonality is the thread that binds us together. We come from different walks of life, but the name is the same – Mother, Sister, Lover, Friend – W-O-M-A-N!

Thank you one and all for your participation! The creative energy could be our salvation…Creativity is without boundaries.”

The time of the feminine is even more ripe today. Our collective energies are needed to save our Mother Earth, our children, grand and great grand children, and every living being.. In the process of saving, we will, by default, save our men and have them take a look at their masculine energies, and decide how they can use their power in a co-creative dance for the good. The yin and the yang must collaborate within us so outwardly the manifestations will be evident.

We are stronger, more creative, more power-filled when we acknowledge our individual gifts, and use those responsibly for the betterment of ALL.

Now that we’re in 2017 and so much is happening to test our nurturing.

Women have been changing the world. We are now called to step up and step out more boldly!

What are your thoughts? I would be most interested to have your comments.