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About Pauline

Hello, I am Pauline Haynes! As your Life Coach…

My Mission Is

To support individuals in finding out of the box solutions to their challenges. To connect individuals to their purposeful magnificence, empowering them to embrace their uniqueness!

My Vision Is

To be a source of inspiration and motivation, using the vehicle of life coaching to enhance well being.

My Values Are

Respect. Integrity. Honesty. Truth. Love.

Imagine the Possibilities!!

My role as your coach is not to lead you. Rather it is to help YOU DISCOVER for yourself where you are today and the vision you hold for YOUR future. Once you’ve charted that course, as your coach I accompany you on the journey to fulfillment and success.

A Little More About Me

My home is in Sacramento, California. I am the very proud mother of two adult children and eight amazing grand children. I absolutely love what I do! My most treasured degree is a Ph.D from the school the school of “Hard Knocks”, and the ongoing exploration of what makes us human.

I invite you to a FREE 30-minute consultation. Only if you ready for your Shift to Happen?