As a Life Coach I come from the perspective that each individual is in charge of their own fate.

I recognize that YOU are important. You have a unique calling to show up in this space as YOU.

Sometimes the daily challenges can be overwhelming, so we shift the focus to what’s possible. Working together, I support you in:

           rediscovering awe and wonder

          clarifying your purpose

          resolving interpersonal conflicts & self-defeating behavior

I support you in integrating all your “selves”” so you reclaim your zest, confidence and achieve sustainable success.

I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them discover what matters most to them. I take a heart-centered, caring approach which helps you uncover the blinders, explore your strengths, and take the actions to get you to your desired  life.

I invite you to  schedule a life enhancing consultation so  you can kick the faulty BS (belief system) to the curb! I work from my home office in Sacramento and  my appointments are handled via Skype or telephone.

It’s time for YOUR Shift to Happen!


Call or email  to set an appointment for a no obligation consultation:

Phone: (916) 452-5278      Email: info@paulinehaynes.net    Mail: PO Box 163779, Sacramento, CA 95816.


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